The public institution Teisės ir valdymo institutas (Law and management institute - "TIV") was established to help individuals and companies exercise their legitimate rights and interests, improve administrative management and conduct educational activities.

TIV was established in 2010 as a non-profit organization staffed by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in scientific projects, consulting and working with educational projects. Our specialists can give you the most direct path towards that objective and to help in achieving it.

  • TIV provides advice, educational services, scientific and practical solutions while enhancing quality.
  • TIV provides high-quality services on law and management matters. We can offer you creative solutions to help achieve high performance in a competitive environment.
  • TIV provides project management and administrative services, including project consulting, implementation and management procedures for the preparation of project documents, project interim and final reports and payment requests, helps with project expenditures, project promotion, representation at public institutions, EU funds and other institutions and organizations.
  • TIV legal services include civil, labour, corporate governance, administrative, competition, taxation and other areas of law. TIV specialists analyze each client's needs and provide solutions tailored to every individual situation. If neccessary, you will receive qualified assistance in drafting pleadings, protecting your interests in court, arbitration, bankruptcy and restructuring procedures and in dealing with government and public administration bodies and institutions.
  • TIV has established close relationships with lawyers, bailiffs and notaries, and with the help of other professionals we can provide you with comprehensive legal services.
  • Qualified TIV professionals have acquired extensive experience in organizing and conducting managment and legal training programs. Based on principles of modern management, consulting and training, we can prepare strategic guidelines for a more effective organization and arrange organizational structures and procedures for long-term success in the marketplace. We strive to organize high-quality training programs for improving the motivation, productivity and loyalty of employees.