Our qualified professionals can advise you on legal and tax issues. We provide information on the VAT duty and refunding the VAT.

Document preparation

We advise clients, draft contracts and other transaction documentation, project materials and court documents and such other documents addressed to public authorities.


We advise on establishing various kinds of corporate entities and consult on forming various corporate structures, prepare and lodge documents at various authorities.

Family Law and Divorce

Consultations on marriage and divorce matters. We can help you resolve any issues related to property adjustment, child maintenance, prenuptial agreements, etc.

Reorganization and restructuring

We help to assess the prospects for reorganization/restructuring, draft documents, and represent clients’ interests during the proceedings in relation to reorganization/restructuring.

Liquidation and Bancruptcy

We advise and draft various court documents on liquidation and bankruptcy issues, organize liquidation procedures, lodge petition before for bankruptcy proceedings and perform other actions.

Debt collection

Debt collection is a service that includes a variety of actions and measures aimed at recovering outstanding debts owed our client within the shortest period of time. Our specialists can offer you a qualified debt collection service in Lithuania and abroad.

Legal status of foreigners

We provide advice on visas, invitations to foreigners, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, employment and citizenship issues.