Ongoing social, economic and technological changes also require necessary changes to state institutions. TIV specialists are convinced that high-quality services, transparency in decision-making, clarity and timeliness in procedures and public and private partnership underlie successful actions by government institutions. Our specialists can help you change organizational structure, manage processes, analyze existing problems and propose solutions. We can also help you organize and implement various projects and help with the legal issues.

In ensuring high quality services for public servants, we strive to:

  • Improve the competence of public servants in public administration in serving the public and dealing with their issues;
  • Increase the administrative abilities of public servants by effectively applying new knowledge and skills;
  • Increase the administrative abilities of public servants in the areas of legislation, professional ethics, project management and administration of European Union structural support, effective and timely work skills and information management.

We offer the following services:

  1. Preparation and management of projects/programs;
  2. Reviews;
  3. Assessments of projects and programs;
  4. Implementation of projects/programs and drafting of activity reports;
  5. Expert analysis of projects and contracts;
  6. Organizing conferences and seminars;
  7. Personnel management services for public sector organizations:
    1. Testing employee competence;
    2. Analysis of training needs;
    3. Survey of organizational culture;
    4. Studies of employee motivation;
    5. Development of remunerational/motivational system;
    6. Training for public servants;
  8. Preparation of public procurement documentation and organization of public procureemnt procedures;
  9. Consulting on tax issues;
  10. Consulting on legal issues;
  11. Representation at pre-trial conflict resolution institutions and courts;
  12. Other legal services.

Public procurement is the fundamental method for ordering and purchasing goods and services for public institutions. One of the main challenges in this area is ensuring transparency and proper preparation of procurement documents. Our specialists can help you install a modern public procurement management system in order to ensure transparency in decision-making, and to prepare project documentation.