The law is inseparable from the events of life: birth and death, marriage registration procedures, purchases and sales, lease contracts. Although many situations in life are governed by legislation defining rights and obligations, these laws frequently don’t reach the average person. It is difficult for the laymen even to read—much also understand—the variety of regulations and documents, therefore, our goal is to be your legal advisor and to defend your rights and legal interests.

We offer the following services: 

  1. Legal and tax advice.
  2. Actions for the repudiation of dubious debt. Are you being told to pay a bill for goods or services of which you have no knowledge? TIV specialists will help you resolve this situation and defend your rights.
  3. Debt collection. Do you have debtors who don’t want to pay? Is the debtor defaulting on loan repaymetn installments or not paying interest? We can help you recover debts using both judicial and extra-judicial proceedings, as well as help you establish contact with your debtors and find a suitable solution to the problem.
  4. Claims over actions by bailiffs. Do you harbour doubts on the legality of a bailiff’s actions? Have you received an unreasonably high bill? If your rights are violated, we can help you to assess the situation and take appropriate action.
  5. Preparing claims, complaints and other legal procedural documents. In the absence of experience and knowledge of the law, it is difficult to draw up appropriate and well-argued legal documents. We can help you to meet requirements for legal procedural documents.
  6. Business incorporation, changes of legal status, name, address, articles of incorporation, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy. You can entrust your concerns to our professionals; we not only provide you with qualified legal assistance but also in preparing all necessary documents, getting them notarized and placing them on the reguister of corporate entities.
  7. Preparation of contracts. A well-structured contract helps avoid problems over the quality of items sold, payment for products and services, the timely provision of work and services, disputes with partners, legal processes and added costs and and additional losses. If you want to avoid dishonest or fraudulent sellers, buyers or partners and possible losses and damages, hand over your concerns to our experts, who not only know how to prepare contracts, but can also evaluate and advise on the usefulness of a contract and also take part in negotiations.
  8. Alternative Resolution of Disputes (mediation). The nature of the judicial resolution of disputes is such that in any case, one party always feels it has lost and the other it has won. We can help you establish dialogue with your creditors or debtors and help resolve the dispute through negotiations, thus avoiding not only costly settlement of the legal dispute, but also reducing possible enmity, allowing the further grwoth of relations between parties.
  9. Representation at pre-trial dispute resolution institutions, in the courts, in negotiations and at public institutions. Not certain how to act at the hearing or during negotiations? Don’t know your rights? Don’t have enough time? We can represent you at various institutions and in negotiations, not only saving you precious time, but also providing the maximum protection of your interests. The negotiating and litigation talents of our experts can help you solve even the toughest problems.
  10. Document preparation for divorce. Divorce is a complex psychological process, so entrust your legal issues to us. We can help you resolve the division of assets, alimony and other issues.
  11. Marriage (pre-nuptial and post-nuptial) contracts.
  12. Protection of patients’ rights. Have you received poor-quality health care or treatment? Have your rights as a patent been violated? Do you believe your health problems require constant care, but you don’t know how to get it? Contact us for legal assistance!
  13. Protection of consumer rights. Have you bought a defective product? Is the seller refusing to replace defective goods or refund the money? Does the seller refuse to take back a product purchased electronically? Were you provided poor quality services? Our experts can help you.
  14. Foreigners. Do you want permision to work and reside permanently or temporarily in Lithuania? Are you uncertain which documents need completion and submission? We can do it for you.
  15. Other legal services.