Staff education training
Seminars on individual subjects for specific groups
Training for civil servants

The objective of Teisės ir valdymo institutas (TIV) training classes is to implement a life-long learning program providing high-quality public and private training and refresher courses for individuals and groups. We strive to help our clients improve their skills, deepen their knowledge of a subject and improve the practical skills needed in today's knowledge-based society.

Our task is to create the psychological, organizational, and qualifacational prerequisites for professional work and decision-making. Fresh knowledge and skills and changes of attitude and in the work environment allow our clients to organize work more effectively, manage complex situations professionally and make better decisions. We can help those who are establishing or expanding a business as well as those who are established and experienced professionals in their spheres.

TIV offers individualized training courses to meet the needs of companies and employees. Training courses not only help in increasing the employee’s skills base, they also tend to foster responsibility and loyalty to the company. In order to promote continued improvement, the latest theoretical knowledge and practical skills are provided to employees. TIV can prepare training programs to meet your individual needs. In addition to other services, we are able to offer seminars in management, law, taxation, labour relations and other topics. This is the perfect solution for companies creating a professional and ambitious team of employees.

According to client needs, we bring in lecturers who are proficient in their areas of endeavour. We organize training courses at the company’s premises as well as conference facilities at times convenient for the company.

Our main activities are:

  1. Analysis of training needs;
  2. Preparation of training lession plans;
  3. Skills assessement;
  4. Preparation and updating of refresher courses;
  5. Administration and implementation of training projects/programs;
  6. Training preparation;
  7. Planning and organization of seminars/conferences;
  8. Completing documents relating to training and education;
  9. Organization of various types of conferences;
  10. Non-formal education;
  11. Others.


During the organization and holding of conferences and seminars, we offer:

  1. Preparation of the conference program;
  2. Sending invitations to the participants of training, conferences, seminars;
  3. Preparation of a budget for conferences/seminars;
  4. Selection and booking of conference/seminar facilities, preparation of necessary equipment;
  5. Supervision of the conference underway;
  6. Evaluation of the conference/seminar and preparation of reports.

Staff education training courses

We offer:

  • In-house seminars;
  • Targeted training;
  • On-site workplace training.

Seminars on individual subjects for specific groups

We also offer seminars on individual subjects for specific groups:

  • Seminars and training classes for managers – this is training on a variety of skills and talents taught in seminars and through consultations;
  • Seminars and training courses for specific kinds of employees - presentation of information and materials in line with the employee's skills and job description;
  • Comprehensive training courses – providing basic knowledge and skills for employees in a specific area, taking into consideration the specific activities of the enterprise.

We believe that the success of seminars lie in their practicality, so training is not limited to theoretical knowledge. During workshops we provide practical skills and practical knowledge. Participants are introduced to practical as well as theoretical problems and methods to solve them.

We follow the latest global trends and encourage innovation, and therefore use a variety of teaching tools during workshops. Participants are often immersed in real-world situation analysis and decision-making, discussions and a variety of practice games.

Training for civil servants

For civil servants, we also offer training in:

  1. Strategic management;
  2. Conflict management;
  3. Promotion of decision-making, communication and cooperation using information and communication technologines;
  4. Management of financial resources;
  5. Improving the handling of applications, complaints and letters by the public, and customer service under the principle of “one-stop shoppping” at public institutions;
  6. Ensuring equal opportunities at public institutions;
  7. The constitutional structure of state and public administration;
  8. Participation in the activities of the EU, international bodies, institutionns and organizations;
  9. Implementation of EU and International legislation;
  10. Introducing the latest legilsation and analysis of its flaws;
  11. Practical application of the Law on Public Service;
  12. The Labour Code and its practical application;
  13. Practical application of the Civil Code;
  14. The EU institutional framework, EU membership current events for public institutions;
  15. Development of crime prevention programs and measures in municipal and law enforcement agencies and evaluation of their efectiveness;
  16. The Crime Preventon legal framework;
  17. Legal literacy;
  18. The Law on Public Service, principles of public service reform and their implementation, the rights and duties of public servants;
  19. Governance and combating corruption;
  20. Competition law;
  21. Legal and institutional framework for consumer protection;
  22. Others.