Marketing and management

Today's globalizing world affects not just our daily lives but business trends as well. Organizations are just not just attempting to stay afloat in the competitive environment, they are also confronted constantly with too few skilled professionals and too little time. Large projects lack sufficient knowledge and time, making the assistance of experts the exit point from a difficult situation. TIV specialists offer you a wide range of services. We:

  1. Prepare feasibility studies and development plans for public authorities and private bodies;
  2. Organize and conduct scientific and applied research;
  3. Prepare investment and other projects financed by the Republic of Lithuania, European Union and international funds;
  4. Provide information and consultancy services to applicants to and grant recipients of international funds;
  5. Administrate Lithuanian projects supported by European Union structural funds;
  6. Prepare procurement documentation and advice on all procedural procurement matters;
  7. Prepare draft of interim and final reports and payment requests;
  8. Advise on project costs issues;
  9. Do project publicity;
  10. Represent customers before bodies administering European Union funds;
  11. Provide logistical services (conferences, seminars, training classes);
  12. Provide other services according to the client's wishes.

Law issues

We consult on civil law (civil relations, damage, inheritance, gift, purchase and sale), administrative law, family law (child custody, divorce, alimony, property division, paternity and paternity disputes), employment law (rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, labour disputes, unfair dismissal, workplace safety, retirement), social security law (social security, welfare, family, child and youth support), information technology law (e-commerce, intellectual property protection, personal data protection). We help clients assess and defend themselves against illegal actions by public servants. We also help solve problems related to police fines.

Main Activities:

  1. Legal advice;
  2. Preparation of documents;
  3. Representation on legal matters;
  4. Debt prevention and recovery;
  5. Incorporation, restructuring and other corporate law issues;
  6. VAT liability and VAT recovery;
  7. Tax consultancy;
  8. Trademarks and service marks;
  9. Legal status of foreigners.

We provide advice and assistance for borrowers and companies needing credit quickly in dealing with banks. We can help with debt reduction, deferment and extended repayment terms and with rescheduling debt in installments. We provide to all sorts of business legal assistance on incorporating, restructuring, reorganization or liquidation, bankruptcy procedures and evaluations of contracts and terms of agreement. Our team has acquired considerable experience advising companies on document preparation, safeguarding and implementing shareholder rights, and other issues.

We provide legal services for contracting organizations as well as suppliers participating in public procurement on public procurement organization, implementation and contract drafting issues. We perform procedural procurement analysis and prepare claims for actions ocurring during tenders, on contractual issues and over public procurement bid results. We represent clients in disputes relating to terms of procurement documents and procurement contract results in the courts and at other institutions.

We are constantly confronted with practical aspects of construction and real estate legal regulations and provide quality advice on real estate and construction law. We can help you in the acquisition, sale, lease and sublease of real estate, determination of property rights, obligations on real estate owners relating to the use and exploitation of properties (property mortgage, seizure and other restrictions and encumbrances on property owners’ rights), restitution and other issues on the management, use and disposal of real estate.

Pre-nuptial agreements are becoming a popular thing in modern society. A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement between the newlyweds or married couple laying down economic rights and responsibilities during marriage or after a divorce. This type of agreement can protect your assets from the recovery of your spouse's debts. We can advise you on the matter of a marriage contract and prepare a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial contract, as you prefer.

We prepare claims, responses, complaints, appeals and other legal documents.

Inheritance Law - Teisės ir valdymo institutas lawyers advise and help in prepare last wills and testaments, inheritance and other documents.

Legal measures for protection against libel and slander in civil and criminal law. We can help you defend your rights at state government bodies and institutions and in the courts.

Advertising and media law – We consult on questions concerning unacceptable comparative and misleading advertising and compensation for damage to reputation. We defend the right to the free expressionof thoughts and convictions.

We consult on issues of finance law, and represent clients in loan restructuring, financing and refinancing. In negotiations on determinations and chages to credit conditions, we always strive to fight for the interests of our client and seek conditions most favourable to the client in relations with financial institutions and creditors.

Tax advice. VAT levies and refunds

  • The taxes that make up the Lithuanian tax system are listed in Article 13 of the Lithuanian Law on Tax Administration. Income, profits, value-added, property, land, inheritance, lottery and gambling taxes and excise duties can be designated the fundamental taxes. We consult individuals and corporate entities on various legal issues regarding corporate income, VAT, individual income, real estate and other taxes. At the client’s request we analyze the effects of proposed tax legislation on business enterprises.

For detailed information on taxes in Lithuania, please see

  • TIV analyzes and consults local and foreign clients on general and specific issues relating to taxes. We help our clients solve the tax problems they encounter.
  • We consult foreign clients in refunding VAT paid in Lithuania. We perform refund procedures on behalf of our client.
  • We represent our clients before the State Tax Inspectorate, the Commsision on Tax disputes, the courts and other institutions.
  • We offer registration services for being entered on the Registry of Taxpayers and the VAT Registry.
  • We consult on accounting issues under Lithuanian laws and regulations.
  • We consult and inform our clients on the latest requirements and legislation for filling out accounting documents.
  • We provide other legal services related to tax law to individuals and corporate entities:
    • We consult corporate entities on tax calculation and declaration issues;
    • We prepare requests and responses to the State Tax Inspectorate on tax payment deferment, tax credit or refund of overpayments, registration as a VAT taxpayer, the application of tax relief and other matters;
    • We prepare complaints over actions by the tax administrator;
    • We make inquiries to the tax administrator;
    • We consult individuals on personal income, real estate and other tax issues;
    • We fill out declarations of individual income tax, Individual (family) property and real estate taxes;
    • We provide consultation on other tax issues.
  • We deal constantly with tax administration and other state institutions, so our specialists can fully represent you at these institutions. By having a reperesentative in tax disputes and tax insvetigations/audits, you will have a reliable defender of your interests and will solve your problems more quickly.
  • It is sometimes difficult to declare income and assets, especially if you have an intense financial life. Our specialists can help you with income declarations as well.
  • We consult on real estate tax issues and help you to fill out declarations.
  • We consult foreign investors on applying treaties for the avoidance of double taxation, the establishment of all kinds of businesses, and taxes on activities in Lithuania.