Document preparation

Preparation of Contracts

We prepare and consult on the following:

  1. Sale and purchase agreements;
  2. Rental agreements (rooms, equipment, land, residential facilities, etc.);
  3. Contracts on property exploitation;
  4. Exchange agreements;
  5. Distribution agreements;
  6. Service contracts (legal, translation work, advertising, custody, commission accounting);
  7. Sales and purchases of stocks, subscription agreements, option agreements;
  8. Employment contracts, standard job descriptions, full liability, confidentiality and non-competition agreements;
  9. Endowment contracts;
  10. Preliminary contracts;
  11. Logistics contracts;
  12. Independent contractor agreements;
  13. Transfer agreements;
  14.  Mediation agreements;
  15. Storage contracts;
  16. Copyright and licensing agreements;
  17. Grant agreements;
  18.  Joint venture agreements;
  19. Loan agreements, debt/claim assignment agreements, financial lease (leasing) contracts, payment of debt contracts, consumer credit contracts;
  20. Preparation of bills of exchange;
  21. Performance (guarantee, pledge, deposit, voucher) contracts;
  22. Marriage (pre-nuptial, post-nuptal) contracts;
  23. Reconciliation agreements;
  24. Others.

We prepare and advise on amendments and supplements to contracts, validity of contracts, and arangement of schedules; conduct legal registration of contracts, and provide legal advice on contracts during execution or upon termination.

Preparation of procedural documents

In concert with law firms, we represent our clients in pre-trial litigation at public institutions and in the courts on civil, labor, family, administrative and other issues. We also prepare procedural documents for presentation to the court.
Preparation of transactional and other documents

Constant changes in legislation compel us to delegate the ordering of legal affairs to professionals. By choosing our lawyers, you save money for recruitment and job creation. You will not have problems due to an attorney’s illness, vacation, dismissal or over the payment of compensation. By signing the agreement for legal aid, you won’t have to apply to a law firm.

Under long-term and short-term agreements for legal aid, we offer the following services:

  1. We professionally prepare, audit and adjust different quality contracts and other legal documents in a variety of languages;
  2. We prepare legal opinions;
  3. We consult onthe execution, validity and enforceability of contractual issues;
  4. We help handle the termination of contracts;
  5. We mediate and represent in negotiations and contracts;
  6. We advise the company on significant regulatory developments;
  7. We structure and maintain a company’s internal documentation;
  8. In disputes we represent our clients before the public authorities and courts;
  9. We prepare the minutes of meetings of senior management and other meetings and decisions;
  10. We handle documents concerned with workplace legal relationships;
  11. We prepare statements, claims, complaints, responses, reviews and other procedural documents;
  12. We consult on legal matters that arise;
  13. We offer both short-term and long-term cooperation.